January 21, 2019 Google AdWords 0 comment

Why you should check your Search Terms Report in Google Ads

Google Ads provides you with valuable data to aid your campaigns. By analysing the reports that Google Ads generates, you can learn a lot about the types of searches your ads are appearing on, how effective your ads are, and most importantly, whether your campaign is working or not. My favourite report when I am running Google Ads for a client is the Search Terms Report. I find it incredibly valuable when evaluating which search terms are and aren’t working. The information gathered can inform your campaign so that you end up with more conversions at a lower cost.









The search terms report tells you the exact keywords that make your ad show up when people type them into Google. This is valuable as it takes the guesswork out of choosing keywords, you get to see what’s being searched and what isn’t. It’s important to note here that Google Ads can show your ads on searches that don’t contain your exact keywords. They often show them on searches for related or similar keywords, especially if you’re using broad match keywords. You can also see which keywords are giving you higher conversions and which are just spending money for no gain. This is important to take note of, as Adwords campaigns are something you have to work on to get right. Knowing where your ads are popping up will give you insight and direction into where you can take future campaigns.

You can view the search terms report overall for your whole account, or by Campaign and by Ad Group to get more specific information.

Once you have had a look at the keywords your ads are appearing for, you then can deliberate whether to add them to your Adwords account. If they’re highly relevant, have good search intent, and are converting well, this is a brilliant way to source new keywords for your campaign. The search term report will also tell you which keyword phrases your ad is appearing for that’s attracting highly irrelevant clicks. Go through and add these as negative keywords. This means that your ad won’t show up on these search terms. This function is particularly useful to send away searches from other locations if you’re based locally, and to disassociate from completely irrelevant products or services that you don’t offer. This will save you money due to you not paying for traffic that won’t convert. You can add negative keywords by Campaign or Ad Group.

There is plenty more data available in Google Ads, but the search term report can be particularly useful. Make sure you check it out and analyse the results so that you can streamline your Adwords campaign and get the most out of it.