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Setting Up Google My Business with a hidden address

Having your own Google My Business can be a great asset. It can add an extra air of legitimacy to what you do, resulting in both people and Google taking your business seriously. The only issue is that Google My Business was primarily designed for businesses with a physical presence, but if you work from home or have another reason for hiding your address, fortunately, there is a simple way to work around this roadblock and Google have just made it a little easier.

Before you do anything, it is important to fully understand what Google My Business is and why it’s important to have for your business. Whenever you type in a business name and Google displays the information to the right of the screen in their neatly laid out box, that is Google My Business.














Getting on Google My Business is important because having your business name, website, phone number, address, opening hours, photos and a list of your services (on a mobile device) readily available for the Google to find and utilise means that you can increase the chances of your website ranking higher and showing up on Google Maps, Local Finder, Google’s Local Pack, and more.

To start, go to and click Start Now. From there, most of the process is relatively simple. Enter your exact business details, including your full address. Google needs the full address so that it can send you a confirmation pin, but don’t worry, you can select only your suburb to be shown later on. While you are filling in the details, make sure you take advantage of every field offered to you, including the description field and services information. This is a great opportunity to include your mission statement and introduce your key products and services and use your keywords where you can!

Now for the important bit, once you have added your address, Google now have two boxes that you can select. One is to confirm that you deliver Goods & Services to your customers and the other is a box to hide your address if you are not a store and ensuring that your home address isn’t up on Google for everyone to see.

On the next screen you get to choose the location you service, either the distance around your business location or a specific area. As soon as your account is verified, search for your business on Google and make sure that your address can’t be seen.

From there your Google My Business is up and running. A great idea to enhance the validity of your site and business is to register it on some local directory sites (or local citations as I like to call them). Here is a quick list of some of the sites that don’t require a street address:

Local BD, True Local, Brownbook, HotFrog, Start Local, Womo, National Directory

Stay consistent with your business details across the board, using the same business name, part address, and phone number wherever you register your business. This way your customer will get the best information, wherever they are looking for you and Google loves the consistency across the internet.

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