A 6-week SEO eCourse to help Google and your customers find your local business online


About my SEO E-Course

97% of consumers use the internet – with search engines their tool of choice – to find products and services in their local area.

What happens when potential customers search for the services or products that your local business provides? Your potential customers will only find your local business online if you rank well on Google.

To be ‘noticed’ by Google, your website must be optimised. With my 6-week intensive course, you can access the tools to optimise your website so it ranks well with Google and can easily be found by potential customers.

I am planning on launching this SEO E-Course by the end of 2017, so if you want to be notified about when this will launch, sign up for my free SEO starter kit and you will be notified when the course launches.

The SEO E-course is designed for ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses that may not have a budget immediately available to contract an SEO consultant.

The easy-to-follow search engine optimisation (SEO) course provides you with the means to place the right information and correct signals for Google, and other search engines, to rank your website well.

These are the keys that need to be provided for search engines to find and ‘understand’ your website, and, in turn, your business.

Whether you own a restaurant, professional services business, retail store or construction company, the tools are the same for you to ensure that your website is set up so that your customers can find you.

My SEO e-course covers topics


Keyword research

Learning how to undertake keyword research, and learning how to find the RIGHT keywords.

Writing meta-data

The secrets of writing meta data, so that your website ranks well, what fields you need to use.

Using analytics

How to use analytics to measure your results (and which metrics are the most important to track)

Site architecture

How to ensure your site is organised in the most user-friendly way (and how to ensure your best pages don’t get buried)

Google penalties

How to tell if you have a Google penalty and what to do about it (if you do!)

Local search

This is where we start getting into the real nitty-gritty of why your locally-focused business has different SEO needs to other businesses.

On-page SEO

Getting these elements right is key for effective internet marketing and to increase your ranking.

Link building

Links are the currency of SEO, so it makes sense to try to get as many good quality relevant links as you can.

The SEO E-course is delivered using step-by-step guides, videos, worksheets, templates, checklists and printable PDFs and via an exclusive Facebook group to further access my expertise

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