June 1, 2016 SEO 0 comment

5 Simple Things You Must Do To Maintain Your SEO Results When Your Website Goes Live


Website redesigns are usually fun and exciting; it’s like getting a digital face lift for your business. But if you get it wrong, you can end up losing a lot – especially when it comes to your SEO rankings. This is a common problem which I often come across when new websites go live without being actively managed by an experienced SEO company. Here are the five things you need to consider to keep your SEO results when you switch to a new website.


  1. Move all the title tags and meta name descriptions to the new website.

Title tags and meta name descriptions are some of the most important elements of your website’s content and it shouldn’t be neglected or left behind when you migrate to a new website. Ensure that these important page elements are all moved to the new website by comparing the old and new pages.


  1. Ensure you have content on the new website.

It may be very tempting to choose a new website design that is all image based and has little or no content. Unfortunately, these image-based websites are not very SEO-friendly.  Search engines can easily scan text but when it comes to images there is far less information for the search engines spiders to read. Well-written and unique content provides relevance and context to search engines which an image simply can’t.


  1. Maintain individual pages on the new website.

Although one page websites are very popular at the moment, they don’t do much for your SEO rankings. Search engine algorithms look for relevant information that matches their queries with content. A single page website can only contain a limited amount of content, and while your primary keywords may remain in use, you most likely won’t be able to use all your sub-topic keywords optimally.


  1. Use 301 redirects for URL changes.

If your new website has different URL’s to the old website, use 301 redirects to ensure that there are no broken links to individual pages on other websites and that search engines and user are directed to the correct new page.


  1. Move your Google Analytics code

Lastly, don’t forget to move to make sure that your Google Analytics and any other code that was on your website (such as remarketing code and conversion tracking code) is moved across to your new website.


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